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1)  Your RV, boat, rig, etc must fit within the specified space (ie: 30, 40, 50 ft by 12.5 feet)

2)  The 120vac outlet is intended for low current usage, such as trickle charging.  It is not intended to power air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators or other high current draws.

3)  Our facility is for long-term storage and not for temporarily living in your vehicle or otherwise occupying it in such a manner.

4)  We require a 10 day move-out notice.  Please notify us 10 days prior to moving out.  If you notify us on the day of your move-out you will be charged for 10 additional days.

5)  All items must be contained within your vehicle, rig, boat, etc.  No loose items (other than charging implements) should be left out.

The above is a summary but not the full representation of the storage agreement.


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